Election Stress – Part Two


Part Two

I gave myself two whole days to stay home – here in my home with absolutely no reason to have to leave. I made sure we had plenty of food choices and cleared my calendar.  I made it through day one before calling it quits on my social experiment.  I kept track of how I was feeling in three main areas:  Mental, Physical, and Spiritual.

  1. Mental – By the time the election results started getting reported on CNN I was in a pretty weird head space. Watching CNN from the start of my day at 6:00 am was like the stomach ache you get after you overeat – my head was stuffed full of the announcers’ voices and I didn’t have any outlet to get it out.  My anxiety was at a very high point and I could hardly sleep that night.
  2. Physical – Sitting around all day and watching TV was not a good plan. I was completely unproductive, ate poorly (I had a very bad case of snack-attack) and wine was definitely involved. I woke up the next morning with a complaining tummy and a headache.
  3. Spiritual – Oh, my poor spirit…..she got pushed around by those bullies Mental and Physical and it took a few days to recover.

So, all that being said, what do I think about this social experiment?  I’m calling it a huge success.  Here’s why:

  • I learned – again – that there is a price to pay when letting my fears rule the day.
  • I know that if I have to, I can make the decision to shelter in place even if it’s not the popular choice.
  • I learned – again – that moderation is queen and her lady in waiting is the ability to filter all this information that comes at us so fast and heavy. I need to remember to make my own judgments about what is best to do. To filter everything through my own experiences and values.

What about you?  I would really like to know how you handle your own worries and fears. I hope that my social-self-experiment has helped you remove some of the judgment you may be putting on yourself.  Let’s support each other as we learn to gain acceptance and understanding of ourselves.

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