Election Stress – Part One

I did a little social experiment on myself this week. My scientific hypothesis was this:

If I give myself permission to manage my physical environment as much as I want to, then my anxiety about the election will be reduced.

Please read on to see my conclusions.

Let’s start with the anxiety about the presidential election: it is a good news/bad news kind of thing.  Good news because I am not alone in my angst and worry about who will be voted in as our next president. The Seattle Times ran a front-page report on the widespread anxiety across our nation.  Here is one of the articles from a psychiatrist at Harborview Hospital http://hsnewsbeat.washington.edu/story/recognize-and-manage-stress-related-election-anxiety.

But the bad news is that so many of us are worried about this in the first place.

I am also on the email lists for several preparedness (“prepper”) blogs – one of them hosted a webinar about civil unrest.  It was very informative and discussed what civil unrest looks like, why things get out of control, and how to take care of ourselves if we get caught up in something. But, most importantly, how to avoid trouble in the first place.

The anxiety, uncertainty, and warnings all worked together to set off my fear response – big time.

I decided to try a little experiment and gave myself permission to take the day, stay home, avoid going out in public, and watch CNN on TV.

How did my experiment work out?  Please keep reading with me as I share the outcomes of the next two days.

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